About Chika

Born and raised in Fukuoka, Japan, Chika has expressed herself through drawing and painting from a young age. In addition, she participated in a choral group and studied piano and violin. She chose to study music in junior college and after graduating, Chika joined an interior design company. Later she moved to an architectural firm, and eventually worked in the area of spatial design.
When Chika was 25 years old, she moved to the New York area suburbs to start a new chapter of her life. She volunteered at a gallery in Soho, downtown NYC while attending a language school. In 1998, she obtained a position at Diamond-Falk Architects, Inc. where she worked as an architect/designer. Although her career was advancing, she knew she eventually wanted to have a job where she could express herself and her Japanese identity. To prepare for such a job, she studied Japanese painting, kimono making, stenciling and Buddha painting. In 2008, Chika was deeply moved by the Yuzen art she saw at an exhibition and decided to pursue Yuzen as her medium of self expression. She studied this dye technique under the Yuzen artist, Kiyoko Yamamoto. Chika is now a full-time Yuzen artist, creating a variety of pieces with this unique process.
“When you look at yourself, what makes you the happiest? Rather than the past or the future, I want you to live right here, right now in this moment,” says MacDonald, who hopes for a more beautiful world, and would like those who see her artwork to have that experience.